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Which Is The Suitable Language For Web Application Development?
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For diversification in the techniques, tools and ideas it becomes quite difficult for the developers chose a language for web application development. The reason is that different tasks are performed by different applications. Now we can see a number of languages that facilitate the developers to make websites. Here are few of them:

Features of PHP:
  •  It is an open source language.
  •  It is simple in use.
  •  It is flexible in implementation.
  •  This language is used by a large number of developers.
  •  It is free of cost.

Features of ASP.NET
  •  This langue is easy to use and adapt.
  •  It is compatible with a number of languages e.g. c, c++ etc.
  •  It is complicated in nature.
Features of JSP
  • This is an open source programming language.
  •  It is known as Java Server Pages.
Features of Perl
  •  It is an open sources programming language.
  •  It is adopted by quite a number of people.
  •  This one of the most influential language.
  •  You can get almost all the tools from this language.
  •  It is in it grown form.
  •  There are a large number of programmers who successful use it for designing.
It depends on the requirement of the project to choose one of the language. We can see most of the developers using PHP as a too because they find it easy to use and implement and it is cost effective as well.


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