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Custom Web Development Tips to Maintain Website
by jenna in

The second step after web development is the maintenance of a website. Custom web development gives a business a unique identity. If you leave it after initiating the website, it would never get a company desired results from online marketing. Here a few maintenance tips for a website:

  1. The images that you in your site should have a spate URL e.g. .com/images/
  2. Create a template according to the layout of a website for adding new pages to a website.
  3. You can create a CMS for frequently updating certain pages of a website.
  4. Make sure you have a back up copy while updating a page. Problems might occur if the changes made are quite frequently.
  5. Make sure you maintain a list of the objects that have been changed or removed from the website.
  6. While we update we should be sure that similar content is already not added to a page. So list the items that have been posted on the site.
  7. While adding pictures to old pages make sure that the picture is formatted according the images that were already added to the website.
  8. Make sure that you make frequent changes in the images that are present on the website; especially if it’s one huge picture.

Make your site look professional by reviewing the mistakes that you made in the design of a website.


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