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Ecommerce web design - 5 tips to align your web features
by jenna in

Ecommerce web design can help you get some features up and running in your commerce website that it will be very helpful for you to grab more sales and possibly intrigue more customer to return again.

Use the following tips to make your web design a success.

  • Number of clicks

Customers visit the retail websites to make their purchase but there is something they don’t realize themselves, that their decisions do get changed with the increase in the number of clicks.

  • Define Buying process

The buying process has to be very straight and clear for the buyers because only then he would know what to do next and would feel comfortable in making the purchase. Take an example of website that highlights steps on top in the form of a bar that gives the buyer some response about the transaction process.

  • Visible pricing

The prices of the product that are on sale must be made visible. This will signify that the website is confidently communicating with the buyer. Ecommerce web design itself can be designed dynamically as to communicate with the visitor. A large price tag is one example.

  • Prominent the ‘Buy now’ button

The buy now button has to be visible enough for the buyers. The reason is that there are review website that quote prices and tell the visitors about the features and all but are not offering retail. Don’t let your visitors get mistaken. A visible buy now button will send that message out loud.

  • Online customer support

A specific area with live chat or contact details can help your visitors to be comfortable with the purchases they make and will most probably return for more.


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Jimmy Jarred said...

These tips will certainly help all the new developers to design a website that is effective. Each point is described well and seems profitable.
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Ryan Alex said...

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Ryan Alex said...

One really important aspect is that your design should be responsive and runs smoothly on every screen size.
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