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Why to Avoid Freelance Web Application Development?
by jenna in

Many of us in our daily life look for cheap ways to get a prominence in the internet. Some of us even have experienced web application development by the help of free lancers. Freelancers earn some extra bucks on their income by the help of web application development. But the industry is facing a n umber of problems from this trend. These are stated below:

1.      Most of us only look for the cheap rates for web development that they offer. Thus they are not aware of the quality services that are provided by web development companies. Free lancers charge them so low that the companies cannot beat there rate. This is because businesses taking the help of the freelancers’ causing damage to this industry and not letting it flourish. Companies don’t even survive in all this.
2.      Companies pay attention to each every section thus they are very careful about the type of services they provide. So there is no chance of a bad experience while working with a web development company.
3.      Free lancers don’t have much experience to meet up the expectations of the businessmen. Thus the results won’t be as expected.
4.      Remember even if the freelancer has an experience of several years and he is currently working with the company. He is not authorized to provide you with services in parallel. So they are actually not fair with their work.


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